Keep your immune system STRONG through this shift in seasons…..


1. HAND WASH CONSTANTLY!!! This is one of the best tips for keeping bugs out of your home. There is never too much hand washing that can happen. Every time you come in from a public place – wash! You, your toddlers, everyone! If someone comes into your house, ask them to wash as well – to avoid bringing germs in. I have a newborn at home, and I always ask people to wash their hands when they come in…. you can never have hands that are too clean! I like old fashioned hand washing over purel or anti-bacterial gels.

2. Vitamin D – every day, for the whole family! 400 IU for children and babies. At least 1000 IU for adults. I usually take 1000 – 2000 IU daily, and then up it if/when I feel something coming on or feel exhausted or like I could catch something. We all need this important nutrient during the winter months. This is pertinent not only for fighting off germs, but also for decreasing our susceptibility to SAD. Vitamin D keeps your immunity and mental health strong!

3. Fish oil – My favourite brand is Carlson – I try to take 2 tsp daily before bed. I also find this supplements keeps me regular, keeps my hair and nails strong and hydrated, and keeps my mood up – all important things in the winter months

4. Deep immune and Echina Seal (St. Francis Herbs) – are my favourite combat when you feel the cold coming on. They are both products by st francis herbs and can be purchased at any local health food store. They are incredible at warding off a cold, or lessening the duration and intensity if it hits. As soon as I feel it coming, I start with both – 25 drops 3/day

5. Have tons of these foods on hand – fresh ginger is key! The second you feel anything coming on – make very strong cups of ginger.  It nourishes and strengthens your immune system, helps with nausea and it anti microbial.  Also add in the following foods in abundance – garlic, lemons, pumpkin seeds, turmeric, onions – they are all rich in nutrients that keep the system strong. And remember to avoid SUGAR – sugar feeds bacteria, depletes your immune system and increases cortisol – which also depletes your immunity.  The other food to completely avoid when you have any mucus in your system is DAIRY!  Dairy will increase phlegm production and mucus in the body.

STAY HEALTHY this fall season. Wishing you all the best,

Dr. Jodi
Disclaimer: Before starting any supplements, it is important to check with your ND to make sure they are safe for you. If you are on any medications, or have any medical conditions – you must make sure herbal remedies are safe for you.

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