Dr. Jodi has a general family practice, but over the years has found a passion and specialty for the following conditions


Irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive concerns – bloating, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, stomach pain.

A healthy digestive tract is key to health in the rest of the body.  Symptoms are signs from the body that something has to change, and the root cause can be dietary and/or emotional.  Listen to your body – stop suppressing symptoms and take action. Let me help you, as I have helped so many others! IBS to the conventional dr’s is challenging to treat with no real solution – the good news? Dr. Jodi has been treating it successfully for many years.  She has a tried and tested solution that addresses diet, supplementation and stress management.


Anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress management, fatigue, mood swings.

There is a natural solution for mental/emotional symptoms. Dr Jodi believes we must try to change the platform of our lifestyle to boost our mood.  A combination of dietary changes, exercise, counseling and the latest research in natural supplementation work together to heal and resolve.  Conventional medical treatments for anxiety and depression can be addictive and also pose many side effects.  Finding a natural, long lasting solution is KEY.


PMS, infertility, menopause, pcos, endometriosis, hormone balance.

Hormone balance is something that must be taken very seriously.  Hormone balance is the key to health in women! If our hormones are out of wack due to lifestyle factors or stress we suffer.  Some symptoms/signs that your hormones are out of wack are the obvious ones above, but some other subtle factors are:

insomnia, inability to lose weight, mood swings, intense fatigue, vaginal dryness, low libido, poor skin

Finding harmony in our hormones is usually the key to ultimate health in the rest of the body.  STRESS, toxicity in the system and a poor diet is a major factor in hormonal imbalance.  Our modern north American, non stop, running around lifestyle have contributed to so many of our imbalances.  With the proper education and advice, you can bring your body and mind back to balance.

Dr. Jodi has a strong scientific background in hormonal health and balance. She is also currently studying in a mentorship program with Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD ( A Harvard gynaecologist in California)



HEALTH MAKE OVERS – If you are feeling exhausted, lost your mojo, motivation, and passion for life – you need a health make over! Stress has wreaked havoc on our systems, and often when stressed our poor lifestyle and diet choices end up leaving us depleted.  A health make over with the proper guidance, advice and support might be exactly what you need to get started!

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Dr. Jodi Larry’s therapy was immeasurable to my success in recovery as an addict. I struggled with addiction and had to resolve many issues. As of today, I am sober for just over 2 years. I keep certain passages pasted beside my workspace so I remember to recite them and often go ‘back’ into the calm place I found in therapy. I would not be who I am today without her counsel.


Hi Jodi, Thank you so much for all your help! After our sessions I have naturally taken control of my seasonal allergies. This is the first year of my life I have lived “allergy free”, without side effects or drugs. I am also greatful for your coaching me through a detox. I feel lighter, more energetic and most importantly I now understand how to manage my diet to remain positive, energetic. Best wishes!

Nelson writes…

I have suffered with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) since I was a teenager. Within one month of working with Dr. Jodi Larry, the pains in my stomach have gone away (and the urges to have a bathroom nearby are gone). Dr. Larry was able to pinpoint the problem, create a diet which my body needed and continues to work with me to keep my IBS under control. Dr. Larry makes herself available for me in between appointments, whether it be a quick phone call or email. Thank you Dr. Larry for improving t…

Jonathan writes…

I embarked on my cleanse journey for a second time, after feeling like it was time to get back on track. I felt very motivated and dedicated to the process. I wanted to feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually. Within a few days of the cleanse and removal of toxins, I felt a shift in my mood, spirit, energy and overall life outlook. Jodi provides a framework and environment in which I felt safe, free to express myself without judgment and an overall team spirit.

Jen writes…