Accountability is key to making positive changes for your health!

I always knew accountability was important.  I realized this, 13 years ago when I graduated from Naturopathic College.  I was about to embark on the career of my dreams and I wanted to try everything out – especially cleansing!

I would try all these different programs, supplements, exercise regimes and I would last 3 days, 5 tops!!! For real; I could not keep it going, and it was frustrating.

A few years later, I was having a conversation with Casey Soer from Spynga.  She asked me “if I was into cleansing!?”.  I said yes, but I could never do it on my own.  That day we committed to each other, and slowly we got a group of about 12 people who were committed, and it happened! I kept it, we all did and we all felt amazing! ……and the next thing I knew CLEANSE FOR LIFE was born……

This program is based on making lifestyle changes that will CHANGE the way you eat, think and live – so you can achieve the health you deserve – abundant and symptom free!  The foundation of this program is accountability and group support. The brain is able to change in different way when we are connected and accountable.

I witness this for a living.

I know for a fact, the cleanse for life program would not have grown to where it is today, without the group aspect – for those who have done the program, you know it is key and fundamental.  Working with people so closely for the past 13 years, I realize how hard wired our brains are.  We all want change, we can make good choices, and then LIFE HAPPENS – stress, anxiety, overwhelm – and we are back to our “comfortable choices” – but usually those are the ones that are also destroying our health.

While we know what to do logically, it is hard to translate.  This human condition is complex, and change is challenging.  Challenging, but VERY VERY POSSIBLE.  I see magic, growth and transformation every day and I know the honour and privilege it is to witness.  With the right support, accountability, and inner dedication and practice – changing your unwanted habits are possible (everything from too much coffee, sugar, night eating, and our unwanted PHONE addictions too!)

Because I have seen the importance of accountability not just over the 10 days, but post cleanse program to keep the awareness alive – I started this year a 1/month accountability meeting for all cleanse for life alumni.  We dive deeper into concepts around understanding the brain, how/why we are wired, so that we can being to shift and change WITHOUT judging our unwanted parts or habits, but working with instead of against.

“I derive immense pleasure from these meetings and I find it nourishes my soul.  There is so much phoniness and a general lack of authenticity today that it’s refreshing to be with a group of people to have a “real” conversation and to learn from each other.  I’m so happy you told me about this and got me involved.” – Ronit Katz

We are just better TOGETHER.  AND face to face – not online, not on social, not with a barrier of a device.  Real, in person connection.  AUTHENTICITY. It really is medicine…..

If you are struggling to make changes in your life that will benefit your health, I highly recommend trying to join a group program and see how accountability allows you to soar!! I don’t say that lightly, I see magic and transformation happen daily. I am grateful for this beyond words.

I have two groups coming up next week for newcomers to the cleanse for life tribe!! Or for those who want a refresh…

For full information on upcoming 10 day programs, please click here.

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Your understanding and co-operation is requested, by reading and signing the following Informed Consent and Waiver form. I!

I understand and acknowledge that Dr. Jodi Larry, N.D. is a registered naturopathic doctor and the Cleanse for Life program (the “CFL Program”) is a group supported cleanse intended for general well-being, to enhance my knowledge of health and wellness as it relates to foods, dietary supplements and lifestyle behaviors. I represent and warrant that I am healthy and do not have a medical condition that would prevent my participation in the CFL Program. In addition, I understand and acknowledge that Dr. Larry is not a psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist. Dr. Larry is no way responsible for any personal issues or anxieties that may be triggered because of my participation in the CFL Program. I understand that it can be a detriment to my health and safety to participate in the CFL Program if I am going through any of the following: · Acute trauma · Severe mental health condition that is not currently stable · Active addiction to drugs or alcohol · Eating disorder (unless stable and I have provided a letter from my treating therapist approving participation it the CFL Program). I acknowledge that if I am under the care of a health professional or currently use prescription medications, I will discuss any dietary changes or the potential use of any dietary supplements with my doctor and will not discontinue any prescription medications without first consulting my medical doctor. In consideration of being permitted to participate in the CFL Program, I agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries, or damages known or unknown which might incur as a result of my participation. Understanding the CFL Program – A Safe Environment and Confidentiality The CFL Program can be a powerful and valuable venue for healing and growth. It is a process of understanding more about yourself and others in a safe environment. You are welcome to share as much or as little about yourself while in the group, however, the more open you are the better experience you will have. Due to the nature of the CFL Program privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost concern. A safe environment is fostered and maintained by both Dr. Larry and the group members. Primary ingredients are mutual respect and a chance to create trust. Another primary ingredient for a safe environment has to do with confidentiality. Dr. Larry is bound by law to maintain confidentiality, as group members are bound by honor to keep what is said in the group in the group. Therefore, it is essential that any and all information presented and shared within the group, whether by Dr. Larry or another group member, is not to be discussed outside of the group setting with anyone for any reason. For clarity, you are permitted to share what you are learning about yourself in the CFL Program with a significant other, however you may not talk about how events unfold in group or in any other way compromise the confidentiality of other group members. I understand and acknowledge that confidentiality may be breached by Dr. Larry if a CFL Program participants discusses any of the following: (a) suicidal ideations or thoughts and Dr. Larry feels the person is at risk; (b) intent to harm him/herself or someone else; or (c) physical abuse. Dr. Larry is mandated by her board to give this information to appropriate persons in order to obtain the best care for you and those you may harm. In further consideration of being permitted to participate in the CFL Program, I knowingly, voluntarily, and expressly release Dr. Larry from any and all liabilities and waive any claim I may have against Dr. Jodi Larry for injury or damages that I sustain as a result of such participation. I and my heirs or legal representatives forever release, waive, discharge, and covenant not to sue Dr. Jodi Larry, for any injury or death caused by negligence or other acts. I have read the above informed consent and waiver and fully understand its contents. I voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions stated above.