While it has only been 2 ½ months since I met Dr. Jodi and started to take her classes (10 day cleanse, 30-day alumni immersion), I can honestly say :

With the lessons that I learned from her, I have been able to completely transform my life for the better.

While there have been some incredible physical changes since I have been trying to incorporate clean eating habits into my diet, it is the emotional transformation that I have made thus far that has been even more significant. And the truth is – as Dr. Jodi says” the self-love feeds the healthy practices and vice versa”.

While I have previously had down spells in my life, I had always been able to rise above it. However, over the last 2 years or so, maybe longer, I was stuck in a down spell, without any real motivation to get out of it. I had effectively built up walls around me and kept myself isolated from true connection. I had convinced myself that I was happy to live like that. (I REALLY WASNT!)

With the help of Dr. Jodi, I was not only able to put words to how I was feeling but she also gave me some tools to deal with such feelings. For example, through Dr. Jodi, I was able to realize that what I was feeling every day was shame – from my childhood, from my failed relationships, failed friendships, from previous jobs that I had, that I was still single, my weight, etc.

After participating in Dr. Jodi’s classes, I no longer feel shame from these areas and have come to realize that all my previous experiences have contributed to the way I am today which I have come to realize is pretty amazing. I now truly feel that I am enough and worthy of love.

Instead of sitting at home or burying myself in my work, I now go out holding my head high trying to take advantage of any opportunity to meet a new person or learn something new!. I am also connecting more with my family as well as some old friends and new friends I have made recently. I no longer feel that I am unlikeable.

Another important lesson I have come to realize is that my struggles are not unique. While my experiences may be different, the feelings of inadequacy worthiness and shame that I have struggled with since I was a little girl, are feelings that are felt many other women at one point or another in their lives. Even my sister, who I always thought was “perfect”, has struggled with these feelings before in her life. It was actually her that introduced me to Dr. Jodi and she too will say that her experiences with Dr. Jodi have changed her life for the better.

While there are difficult times during this process, with Dr. Jodi’s guidance, I have learned that first, ” if you have the courage to move through the pain – it changes you.”

Well, my life has certainly been changed. Because of Dr. Jodi – I have a whole new perspective on life and I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next!




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