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Dr. Jordin Wiggins, ND is the author of The Pink Canary: The Hidden Secrets to Optimum Health for Women. The Pink Canary was written for women who know their is something missing in their lives; who are tired of their doctor’s telling them that there is nothing wrong and it’s time to start another prescription. Join us while we have a frank discussion about sex. 

 lack of sex is going to lead to health problems. A health sex life can really be a foundation of health.

“Lack of joy and pleasure is the biggest threat to people’s health that we are facing today”.

“If we feel lonely, not heard, not seen, we’re just going through the motions day to day, that is a big health problem in and of itself”

Sex-less marriages are on the rise. 20% are considered sex-less.

If we were educated a different way about sex, it could be something that is very fulfilling and nourishing. It helps balance hormones. It helps with anti-aging. It helps increase immune function and decrease pain.

What are the consequences for women of not making health a priority?

When you are not connected to your body, we see hormone imbalance and vaginal atrophy and prolapse. If you are having orgasms a couple times a week and really toning your pelvic floor, really working it out like any other muscle, we are way less likely to see a prolapse happen.

Loss of sense of self, anhedonia (lack of joy), where women will come and say “I’m not sure what is wrong but I don’t feel like myself anymore”. If we shift the priority list where self-pleasure and intimacy in a relationship are prioritized, you are showing up for your kids, you are more mentally alert at work.

What do you see when you help couples start having more active sex especially when they have been sex-less for a long time?

It’s amazing how the health of the whole family improves.

What is a healthy amount of sex to be having per week or per month?

1-2 times per week (research suggests)

Dr. Wiggins suggests that it is individual for each couple and for what works for them. Sometimes less sex that is better sex is better for everyone. 

Everyone thinks they want more sex, but what they really want is more connection, more intimacy, more fulfillment.

What makes a sexual encounter more connected and fulfilling?

Many women do no orgasm from penetration alone. Making penis in vagina the goal does not make sex good for a lot of women. We are negating all of the other things that we could be doing that, exploring, connecting with each other that would feel so much more erousing for both parties because our idea of what sex can be is this little box.

  1. Re-education
  2. Going over belief systems
  3. Communication

It’s about figuring out what feels good but also having it be fluid and evolve with you guys as a couple.

Having that mindset of playfulness and exploring. Bringing that back together after burn out.

One thing everyone can start doing is scheduled intimacy dates.

The Pink Canary: The Hidden Secret to Optimum Health for Women 

– Dr. Jordin Wiggins


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