Rituwell™ Mornings

With Dr. Jodi Larry, ND

Why have a morning Rituwell™?

Having a morning Rituwell™ is something that has had a profound impact on me, and allows me to show up for myself, my family, and my communtiy, every day. The benefits of a morning routine can be felt through all aspects of your life, and can make the difference in how you approach each day. 

Join me for your new Morning Rituwell™!

Together we will spend 50 minutes setting the day up for success together with 

  • Journaling

  • Intention and goal setting

  • Developing habits and tools for success

  • and more!!

What You Get

  • Exploring our emotional hooks
  • Understand the stories and narratives that connect us to highly emotional situations and triggers – so they no longer send us into thought or  shame spirals

Week 3: Owning Our Stories

  • Exploring the stories we make up about ourselves so that we can start to become aware of the actual narrative we want to create for the future – the story that comes from self vs. inherited or automatic belief patterns

Week 4: Returning to Centre

  • Understand when we are hurt to prevent offloading that hurt onto the others we love. This is important for our relationships with our loved ones.

  • How to deal with ourselves in high emotion and bring ourselves back to the center.

Jodi Larry, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Hello, I'm Jodi Larry

As a naturopathic doctor and group facilitator, my goal is to give people the support, tools, and knowledge to succeed in realizing their new best, healthiest selves!

Whether looking to improve health or seeking to make a dramatic transformation – let me be your guide.

The 10 Day Foundational Reset is a personal challenge to boost health & wellbeing, and support participants with the education, and tools they need to adopt healthy new habits. 

After 15 years running my 10 Day Program – I can say – it educates and inspires in a way that shifts a person’s health for the long term.

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