Rising Strong™ Workshops

With Dr. Jodi Larry, ND

What is Rising Strong™?

Rising Strong™  is a 2 part, 16 week program that provides lessons, education, and tools which will provide a framework and toolbox on how to move through life’s sacred challenges, obstacles, and perceived “falls” to rise strong – again and again. Having the tools and framework to rise from a challenge is not optional; it’s foundational and pertinent to strength, resilience, and growth. 

Dr. Brown and her team have restricted Rising Strong™ to 9 participants.

This curriculum will allow you to:

  • Identify the relationships between your emotions, thoughts, and behaviour

  • Process difficult emotions in a more grounded way
  • Build resilience and learn how to grow from life’s challenges
  • Build and learn how to practice the tool of self-compassion
  • Build a healthier relationship with self and others – enhancing wellness and relationships on all levels.

Program Details
Part 1

Rising Strong Part 1 will cover :

Week 1: Courage, Vulnerability, and Values 

Week 2: The Rising Strong Practice – Introduction to the process and practice

  • Exploring our emotional hooks
  • Understand the stories and narratives that connect us to highly emotional situations and triggers – so they no longer send us into thought or  shame spirals

Week 3: Owning Our Stories

  • Exploring the stories we make up about ourselves so that we can start to become aware of the actual narrative we want to create for the future – the story that comes from self vs. inherited or automatic belief patterns

Week 4: Returning to Centre

  • Understand when we are hurt to prevent offloading that hurt onto the others we love. This is important for our relationships with our loved ones.

  • How to deal with ourselves in high emotion and bring ourselves back to the center.

Program Details
Part 2

Rising Strong™ Part 2 will cover :

Week 5: Strategies for Reckoning with emotion
Week 6: Common Rumbling themes
Week 7: Rumbling with Vulnerability
Week 8: Rumbling with Shame
Week 9: Rumbling with Boundaries, Integrity, and Generosity
Week 10: Rumbling with Trust
Week 11: Rumbling with Grief and Forgiveness
Week 12: Rumbling with Anxiety
Week 13: Rumbling with Criticism
Week 14: The Delta
Week 15: The Revolution
Week 16: Creative Project and Final session


Jodi’s Rising Strong™ Process facilitates magical transformations. She is passionate about Brene Brown’s work and showing us how we can shine the light on our own messiness as humans. The most important relationship we will ever have is with ourselves as it will impacts every aspect of our life. Rising Strong™ Participant, 2021
“As a seeker, healer, therapist and lover of all personal growth and development, there is not a person who will not be changed by this work. Jodi is your best cheerleader as it is not enough to just learn this work, one must be able to integrate it. – Rising Strong Participant, 2021
“Joining Jodi’s Rising Strong™ group was life changing for me. I don’t know how to fully describe how Jodi’s openness, compassion and dedication to Brene Brown’s work has been a container for my growth and learning. Jodi brilliantly weaves her own brand of humour, firmness and love into her work and into her support for all the participants.” – Rising Strong Participant, 2021

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