10 Day Foundational Reset

With Dr. Jodi Larry, ND

What is the 10 Day Foundational Reset?

The Rituwell™ Foundational Reset is a 10-Day Program designed to transform your health and wellbeing on all levels. Dr. Jodi Larry, ND provides participants with the education, tools, and support they need to adopt healthy new habits – for the long term.

The Rituwell™ Foundational Reset does not involve fasting, juicing, or tons of supplements; it is a program based on eating whole, nourishing foods that will heal the system and create long-term balance and health.

90% of participants describe an increase in energy, sleep, mood, and digestion! 

Participants gain a deeper understanding of the connection between what we consume on a daily basis and optimal health. This program is not just based on food, as what we eat is only one element of health. Rituwell is based on 5 pillars, and all are introduced in the Foundational Program. These 5 pillars of Rituwell™ are movement, Clean Food, Self-Compassion, Gratitude, and Community. 

Program Details

This investment in your self-growth and health includes:

  • 3 educational and supportive live group sessions led by Dr. Jodi Larry, ND. 
  • Virtual Grocery Store Tour with Holistic Nutritionist Amanda Michaelson before the reset begins to help set up for success
  • Daily check-in through email with nutritional tidbits, cleanse tips and motivational inspiration and support throughout
  • Strong group accountability, community, and support
  • Unlimited email/WhatsApp support by Dr. Jodi Larry and her team, including Holistic Nutritionist Amanda Michaelson over the 10 days. We are always an email with anything you need!
  • An abundance of healthy recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, snack ideas
  • A comprehensive reset diet and protocol
  • A full and complete Rituwell™ workbook with everything you need to know


“The only words I can use to describe the physical and mental changes that I experienced are “mind boggling”. I never believed that changing the way I ate could have such a profound effect.” – Rituwell 10 Day Foundational Reset Participant, 2021
“I have not had this much energy and focus since my kids were born (they are now 22 and 23 years old). The digestive issues I have suffered from my whole life seem to have disappeared. I lost 7 pounds and 2.5% body fat and the bloating that I lived with constantly is now gone.” – Lori, Rituwell 10 Day Foundational Reset Participant, 2021
For me it was initially to be a kick start to losing weight.  I had done cleanses in the past where I had to take all sorts of supplements designed to “cleanse” the system along with a very restricted diet but they were designed to be temporary and were not particularly pleasant.  I was pleasantly surprised to when I realized that this was different and when I left the first of Dr. Jodi’s meetings I was excited to plan my meals and grocery shop to start this journey. – Kay, Rituwell 10 Day Foundational Reset Participant, 2021

Jodi Larry, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Hello, I'm Jodi Larry

As a naturopathic doctor and group facilitator, my goal is to give people the support, tools, and knowledge to succeed in realizing their new best, healthiest selves!

Whether looking to improve health or seeking to make a dramatic transformation – let me be your guide.

The 10 Day Foundational Reset is a personal challenge to boost health & wellbeing, and support participants with the education, and tools they need to adopt healthy new habits. 

After 15 years running my 10 Day Program – I can say – it educates and inspires in a way that shifts a person’s health for the long term.

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